A Clippers-Timberwolves protester is stopped from gluing herself to the floor

Watch: Protester Halts Clippers-timberwolves Trying To Glue Herself To The Floor

A protester attempted to stick herself to the floor during the NBA Play-In game between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Los Angeles Clippers.

The NBA Playoffs have it all: superstars, drama, passion, and protesters who are glued to the court.

Yes, the last one happened in real life. You thought the NBA Play-In Tournament was a waste of time, didn’t you?

The visiting Clippers were shooting free throws on Tuesday night as the No. 7 and 8 seeds in the Western Conference, the Minnesota Timberwolves and Los Angeles Clippers, respectively. A scene was being created on the opposite end of the floor, though, when a woman was spotted down on the floor and then walked away quickly.

The Clippers-Timberwolves game was called off when a protester glued herself to the court

The woman on the floor, it turned out, had glued her wrists to the floor in some type of protest, as was described in the program. She then refused to be pulled off the floor when security attempted to remove her.

There’s no indication of what she was protesting by gluing her hands and wrists to the floor, but she was definitely upset enough to take such dramatic measures.

The actual basketball game continued when the venue employees cleaned up the floor, and Minnesota rolled back a first-quarter run from LA to take a halftime lead.

The winner of the play-in game receives the No. 7 seed and a first-round matchup against the Memphis Grizzlies in the Western Conference playoffs.