After four years of dating, Ryan Destiny and Keith Powers call it quits

Ryan Destiny & Keith Powers End Their Relationship After 4 Years —  Source Says They Remain Close Friends

Actors Keith Powers and Ryan Destiny announced the news to their fans today that their four-year romance was over. According to People, the former couple is devoting their time to themselves and their new careers, but they are still good friends.

This breakup didn’t appear to be as obvious as earlier breakdowns. Why? You are free to inquire. Ryan’s Instagram page still shows images of her with Keith. In the photos, the two worked with Calvin Klein and looked amazing.

Keith was also present for her birthday celebrations just a few weeks ago. Ryan made sure to document the occasion by posting pictures to Instagram. The actress looked stunning in a chocolate blazer while enjoying a winery with her friends, including Chloe and Halle Bailey. It appears that she and her guests arrived aboard a party bus. Keith was in the background turning up in a video she published on TikTok!

Keith, on the other hand, hasn’t been very active on Instagram. Since October 2021, the Sacramento native hasn’t posted anything. He included a Deadline piece confirming his role in the Netflix picture ‘Uglies’ in the message. According to Deadline, the dystopian sci-fi film is based on Scott Westerfeld’s best-selling novel.

Whew! We’ve only been in 2022 for a month, and something must be in the air since Ryan and Keith aren’t the only ones who have broken up. Jason Momoa surprised the world last week when he announced that he and Lisa Bonet were divorcing after four years of marriage. “The love between us continues to evolve in ways it wishes to be known and experienced,” he said on Instagram to break the news.

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