After her blood-soaked appearance inside the home where Christian Obumseli…

After Her Blood-soaked Appearance Inside The Home Where Christian Obumseli...

After her blood-soaked appearance inside the home where Christian Obumseli was fatally stabbed, Courtney Tailor was seen at a bar

It’s been a week since Christian Toby Obumseli, 27, was fatally stabbed.

Questions regarding his past social media use, footage of his girlfriend, Courtney Tailor, drenched in blood, and no clear explanations from Miami Police on the matter have surfaced in recent days.

Courtney’s recent whereabouts have been revealed thanks to a video that went viral. She isn’t in a prison cell or a psychiatric center.

Courtney Pays A Visit To A Bar

The video clip lasts approximately 30 seconds. However, Courtney can be seen seated at a pub in grey army fatigue leggings, a jean jacket, and a beige cap. Her father was also in attendance.

According to TMZ, the footage was shot on Friday night by a woman. At around 13 miles from where Christian was stabbed on April 3, Courtney was seen in the foyer of the Grand Beach Hotel in Miami, where she lived.

Courtney is seen pulling on her father’s hand as she turns her face away from the camera at the start of the video. The woman filming is overheard conversing with both the influencer and the father.

They appeared to have begged her to cease recording, but she refused. As Courtney and her father began to walk away, she remarked, “Yeah, you should go because you just killed your boyfriend.”

Courtney’s lawyer claims that he is acting in self-defense.

Courtney’s attorney, Frank Prieto, said Courtney was in the pub with her father, according to TMZ. However, the lawyer says that the public is misinformed.

“It’s sad that a member of the public, who knows nothing about the circumstances and events surrounding Mr. Obumseli’s death, would take advantage of the opportunity to harass the Clenney family at a time when they are attempting to help Courtney,” Frank told TMZ.

Courtney’s lawyer did not stop there. Christian is also accused of abusing Courtney “physically, emotionally, and mentally,” according to him. According to Frank, Courtney could possibly be a “victim of human trafficking.”

According to Courtney’s story, a Christian allegedly gained access to Courtney’s apartment several times without her permission before being fatally stabbed last Sunday.His friends, on the other hand, have told CBS4 Miami and other media outlets that Courtney and Christian lived together at One Paraiso.

Courtney’s attorney stated, “Courtney acted in self-defense; the inquiry by both the City of Miami Police Department and the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office will conclude as such.” “With that in mind, we ask for the public’s patience as we respect the family’s privacy at this time.”

Accusations of Murder in the Public Eye

Despite Courtney’s and her lawyer’s allegations, the public has another theory. Courtney’s social media influencer has been accused of killing Christian by several individuals, including Christian’s friends.

However, she has not been named as a suspect by the authorities. Miami authorities have not provided any updates.

Even after viral footage appeared to show Courtney drenched in what is presumed to be Christian’s blood, this remains the case. Blood was all over her face, arms, chest, stomach, and the top half of her trousers.

As previously reported, on April 3, Miami police responded to a domestic dispute complaint. They discovered Christian “suffering from an apparent knife wound” when they arrived.

Christian died of his injuries after he was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center by the emergency workers who found him.

According to reports at the time, a woman was seized at the site and put into custody for interrogation, but she afterwards threatened to kill herself. She was “put on psychiatric hold” at the time for an alleged mental health evaluation.

Courtney appears to be a free woman now, days later. The Miami Police Department has been deafeningly quiet. And what about the fees? They haven’t been seen in a long time.