After on-set squabbles with Tom Hardy during the filming of Mad Max…

Charlize Theron ‘didn’t Feel Safe’ After On-set Rows With Tom Hardy During Mad Max: Fury Road Shoot

After on-set squabbles with Tom Hardy during the filming of Mad Max: Fury Road, Charlize Theron said she “didn’t feel secure.”

After a huge fight with Tom Hardy while filming for ‘Mad Max: Fury Road,’ Charlize Theron said she “didn’t feel secure.”

The 46-year-old actress has apologized “profoundly” for their infamous on-set squabbles during filming the 2015 post-apocalyptic blockbuster – which they have both spoken about in the past – and she admits their behavior was “not conducive to a productive working environment.”

“It was like two parents in the front of the car,” she claimed in Kyle Buchanan’s new book “Blood, Sweat Chrome: The Wild and True Story of Mad Max: Fury Road,” as quoted by USA Today.

“Either we were fighting or icing each other — I’m not sure which was worse – and (our co-stars) had to cope with it in the back.” It was a nightmare! It wasn’t a pleasant working environment… “Please accept my heartfelt apologies.”

Mark Goellnicht, a camera operator, described a day when Tom, 44, arrived three hours late for filming, prompting Charlize to label him “disrespectful” and demand that he pay the hefty punishment.

“He charged up to her and said, ‘What did you say to me?'” he continued. He was quite a brawler.

“She felt genuinely endangered, and that was the turning point for her, because she said, ‘I want someone to defend me.’ She was subsequently assigned a producer who would be with her at all times.”

Charlize Theron described producer Doug Mitchell as “a man forgiving another man,” and she expressed her desire for a woman in a position of authority to “equalize” some of the tension.

“It came to the point where it was getting out of hand,” she explained, “and there was a sense that maybe sending a woman producer down may maybe equalize some of it.”

“A lot of what Doug seemed to be saying to me was… oh, [screw] it. I’m just going to say it. I didn’t feel comfortable since it was a man forgiving another man for pretty awful behavior.”

Denise Di Novi was enlisted for assistance, but Tom dismissed the notion that Charlize was “intimidated” by him as “b*******.”

“Charlize is an intense woman,” he remarked. Actually, it was quite intense. In a positive way. Look at her in ‘Monster,’ for example — that’s not someone strolling around the park.

“You don’t just conjure up that level of authenticity without contributing a huge amount of artistic talent.”

“She’s a serious performer.” So I don’t see how I could ever make her feel threatened or scared by me. That was a lot more b*******.”