Alum of The Bachelorette Tyler Cameron Shares His Favorite Low-Cost…

Alum of The Bachelorette Tyler Cameron Shares His Favorite Low-Cost Home Decor Items

Tyler Cameron was interviewed because we think you’ll like his picks. Tyler is a paid HomeGoods spokesperson. Because E!

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Tyler Cameron can definitely relate if your home is in need of a makeover. He recently collaborated with HomeGoods to renovate his Jupiter, Florida home.

Matt Harrington for HomeGoods

“My house needed some work,” The Bachelorette alum recently told E! The collaboration provided the much-needed jolt of life to my living room.

You can see this in the before and after pictures. It was simple, uninteresting, and uncomplicated. It’s now very vibrant and lively.

Tyler stated that his friends “talk about it so much” after the renovation, adding, “Now, they all love hanging out there.” We now have people over five nights a week, sometimes seven, even when I’m not there. They’re all present.” Tyler used HomeGoods products to transform his bedroom and backyard, in addition to the living room.

Tyler took advantage of HomeGoods’ Dream Vibes service, which allows customers to share what happened in a dream and answer some multiple-choice questions. An algorithm interprets those inputs and shares the colours, shapes, and decor details that are a good fit for you.

He told us about the redecorating process and shared some of his favourite interior design pieces with us.

E!: Let’s talk about your collaboration with HomeGoods. They debuted Dream Vibes, a digital experience. Talk to me about it and how to re-create your space in your new home.

TC: Homes have always been a source of fascination for me. I’m currently building houses. I’m getting back into that world, and this was a fantastic collaboration to help me renovate my home. HomeGoods Dream Vibes is a very simple tool to use.

I had a dream about being at home with family and friends, just hanging out in the living room and grilling outside. All I had to do was plug in this dream, and it told me what my dream vibe was. “PJs and popcorn, please.”

It made creating a mood board so simple and created a vision for me to go out and buy things from my house and get everything set up. It turned out fantastic.

“I really like the bar cart.” It’s a gold bar cart that stands out next to my large, beautiful blue chairs. It’s simply a great place to entertain and start a conversation. We spend a lot of time in my living room.

We’d love to debate in that room, so having a great piece like that gets the room going. So it’s a great way to get things started,” Tyler explained.