Another view of traffic deaths blamed on cannabis in CDOT study

Another view of traffic deaths blamed on cannabis in CDOT study

Re: “As Colorado auto deaths involving marijuana rise, CDOT is asking 1000’s how they really feel about driving beneath pot’s affect,” March 25 information story

Your article continues to show the widespread hypocrisy and bias relating to alcohol versus hashish.

The article states that of the 608 visitors fatalities in Colorado in 2016, 158 (26 %) of the drivers had been legally impaired by alcohol versus 51 (eight %) from hashish use.

However the story highlights statewide research that are being performed with the Colorado Division of Transportation and legislation enforcement relating to hashish impairment with no point out about research teams and boards relating to the much more adverse consequence of alcoholic use.

A extra significant and correct headline would have been: “3 times extra visitors deaths from alcohol than hashish in Colorado after three years of legalization.”

Clearly nobody ought to drive whereas intoxicated by any substance, and public consciousness about that is necessary, however the boards ought to take care of training about not driving whereas impaired and never single out hashish because the offender.

Based on the Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention, alcohol was answerable for 88,000 deaths in the U.S. in 2016, but shouldn’t be solely authorized however is broadly marketed and promoted.

Prefer it or not, on the subject of public well being and security it’s time to deal with alcohol and hashish equally and never proceed to be influenced by deceptive claims concerning the evils of hashish and acknowledge that alcohol is the much more pricey and damaging between the 2.

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