As she celebrates Sam Asghari’s birthday, Britney Spears flashes her…

Britney Spears Flashes Engagement Ring As She Celebrates Sam Asghari's Birthday

As she celebrates Sam Asghari’s birthday, Britney Spears flashes her engagement ring.

“My mentor… my anchor… my bliss… my love!!!”

Britney Spears flaunts the gem on her ring finger.

After sharing a touching homage to her fiancé Sam Asghari’s 28th birthday on Sunday, the “Toxic” singer showed off her engagement ring to her followers.

The couple appeared to be on their way to an unnamed tropical destination in what appeared to be a private plane. In the video, Asghari kissed the 40-year-hand old’s while flashing her round-cut diamond. After that, the fitness trainer and actor took a drink of his coffee before choking on it, causing Spears to burst out laughing.

“May my darling fiancé’s birthday celebrations begin… I’m crazy over him!!!” In her caption, Spears wrote: “My mentor… my anchor… my pleasure… my love!!! For your birthday, I hope you get all you want and more!!!”

I’m waiting for your approval to load Instagram media.

In the comments, Asghari also mentioned that Spears was wearing the ring “on the right hand since we don’t follow the rules.”

He wrote, “Also not used [sic] to this bougie ass coffee, I much prefer the economy seats.”

Spears and Asghari started dating in 2016 and got engaged in September of this year. He discussed his relationship with the “Oops!… I Did It Again” singer in an interview with Men’s Health the following month.

“I simply want her to be happy,” he told the publication. “If anything makes her happy, I’ll do it.” “I’m not going to fight,” she says. What exactly is that remark? ‘A happy wife means a happy life.’


Britney Spears claims she wasn’t allowed to drink coffee, tea, or go to the spa during her time in Vegas.

“Many people are unaware that she is a crazy, crazy athlete. We had fun playing tennis together. We have a ping-pong game together. Ping-pong is something she excels at. It’s a true competition here “He went on to clarify. “And, while I am competitive, I strive to have a calm demeanor. It’s not because she’s a lady. It’s not because she’s weak; she isn’t.”

“Because I grew up with three sisters, I learned the importance of not taking competition too seriously. Family members are gentle with one another “He went on to say more. “She enjoys doing a great deal of yoga. She’s adaptable, she’s strong, and she can do handstands on my legs. I’m not particularly good at it, but I do it because she requests it.”

The personal trainer also talked about how he and his family were able to accept Spears into their life.

He gushed at the time, “Of course, they know my daughter, everybody knows her.” “My granny is familiar with my girl.”