Bella Hadid Takes an Amsterdam Mirror Selfie Without Clothes

Bella Hadid has set Amsterdam on fire! On Thursday, July 14, the supermodel, 25, posted a number of pictures to social media as she traveled around the city for a summer vacation.

In one image, which you can view HERE, Bella shone as she took a topless mirror selfie while concealing her breasts with her right hand.

She displayed her beautiful physique while using the platform’s paint tool to draw out her underboob. For the humid weather, she accessorized with large gold bracelets and rings, and her hair organically framed her face.

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid (MEGA)

She sported braids while sipping a beer in another slide, and in a subsequent photo, she appeared to be relaxing in a swimsuit while revealing a close-up of her intensely green eyes.

In addition, Bella included images of her laptop next to the distinctively colored buildings and a two-person bike passing by to capture the atmosphere of the city. Along with the abstract woman’s street art, she also shared the words “broken and artistic.” That’s the way I prefer them.

Additionally, the regular Vogue cover girl appeared to be loving the cuisine of Amsterdam as she shared pictures of her meals and the façade of a neighborhood delicatessen. Bella’s stunning photo was taken a few months after she spoke up to the venerable fashion publication about her history with an eating disorder.

She told the magazine in March, “I can hardly look in the mirror to this day because of that moment in my life.” Bella has been vocal about her battle with anorexia as a kid, which she states was brought on by an Adderall prescription for possible ADHD.

She admitted to Vogue that the calorie-counting software she was using felt like the devil to her. I would pack my tiny lunch, which would include a celery stalk and three raspberries.

Now that I think about it, I was merely attempting to feel in control of myself at a time when I felt out of control of everything else. Nevertheless, Bella has excelled in the fashion and beauty industries and is now a supermodel who is known all over the world.

She gave an explanation for that in the same interview. She stated, “People can say anything about how I look, how I talk, or how I act.” But over those seven years, I never called in sick, postponed, or arrived late for a job. Nobody can ever accuse me of not working hard. Read More