Better pray Kirk Cousins doesn’t get hurt or traded away, Vikings fans

In the final preseason game for the Minnesota Vikings, backup quarterback Kellen Mond performed horribly.Fans of the Minnesota Vikings have hoped Kirk Cousins stays healthy because Kellen Mond performed poorly in their most recent preseason game.

In Minnesota’s second preseason defeat, Mond, who did not play, completed only 10 of his 20 passes for 82 yards and two interceptions, or 50% of his passes overall. Third-string quarterback Sean Mannion fared slightly better, completing 67 percent of his passes on 10-of-15 attempts for 65 yards. After losing to the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday by a score of 17-7, the Vikings’ preseason record now stands at 0-2 overall.

Mond lost his composure under pressure and threw a terrible pick on a third-and-8 early in the game

Minnesota Vikings: Kellen Mond’s performance is drastically worse than Kirk Cousins’

Be careful what you wish for, Vikings supporters, who want the franchise to let Cousins go. Despite the fact that the team has struggled to find a reliable quarterback for the majority of its history, Mond does not appear to be even a little bit close to being able to start regular-season games. Mannion’s number has been called a few times, but the outcomes haven’t exactly been stellar.

The Vikings have a top-12 quarterback at the position as long as Cousins participates and stays healthy. More crucially, because they previously collaborated in Washington, he is already somewhat familiar with the offense that incoming head coach Kevin O’Connell intends to use.

The good news is that since entering the NFL out of Michigan State, Cousins has largely maintained his health.

In terms of Mond, it is preferable that he throws this pick to the 49ers’ defense in a pointless exhibition game rather than one that matters.

Remember that it took until year four at Texas A&M during a COVID season for him to finally break out under Jimbo Fisher, even though he still has potential as an NFL quarterback. Although he still has a ways to go for them, Mond is definitely worth your time.

Hopefully he can take something away from this interception, but wow, did it look bad on TV.