By uploading a video of himself receiving an extreme haircut, Jason Mamoa shocked his followers

Yesterday, Jason Momoa, 43, shaved off his legendary long hair for a good cause in order to spread awareness of the issue of plastic waste. He showcased his new, shorter hairstyle in a video that was uploaded to Instagram.

Hello to Everyone. At the beginning of the video, he held out two pink scrunchie-adorned plaits that had just been taken off his head and begged for someone to bring me those braids.

He declared that he was shaving off the hair while laughing and rubbing his head as a breeze passed. That place, man, I’ve never even heard the wind.

The famous figure, who was without a shirt, declared he was fighting against single-use plastics as a woman clipped the side of his head.
I’m sick of these bottles and cans, declared Momoa, who was named a UNEP Advocate for Life Below Water in June.

We have to stop. plastic knives And that’s all. It simply enters our land and waters.
When the Aquaman actor traveled to Hawaii to shoot the haircut, he allegedly witnessed ocean degeneration in action. We appreciate any efforts you make to reduce your consumption of single-use plastics. Simply put, it’s bad. Support me.

“Here’s to fresh starts, let’s share the aloha,” the “Dune” actor commented beside his photo. Support the protection of our oceans and lands.

Single-use plastics must be removed from our lives and the oceans. Everything is made of plastic, including bottles, bags, packaging, and cutlery. Let’s all say “ina” together to say “aloha.”

The new cut stunned Momoa’s supporters, and many of their Instagram followers left comments that included some variation of “noooooo.” Marisa Tomei and David Bautista both responded, “Whaaaat?!” to the identical query.

Can’t believe how many women are losing it right now, another emoji said, while I never thought I’d see the day. The dude must have talent because, somehow, he still looks scorching hot.