Camila Cabello eats ice cream while wearing Daisy Dukes and a Bandana…

Camila Cabello eats ice cream while wearing Daisy Dukes and a Bandana Crop Top

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Camila Cabello seems to be having a great time in Europe after her performance in the 2022 UEFA Champions League Final, as she tweeted photos of herself soaking in the sights.

On Monday, May 30, the pop diva released a humorous photo album of her antics on Instagram, labeling it with a pair of smiley faces. Camila was all smiles as she ate ice cream while wearing a casual combination of daisies and a bandana crop top.

Two days earlier, the Havana singer put on a thrilling performance ahead of the soccer championship match between Liverpool and Real Madrid, which took place in Paris and ended in a 1-0 victory for Real Madrid.

Camila dressed up in a daring white crop top and a fringed skirt, belting out her hits like Seorita, Bam Bam, and Don’t Go Yet to a rapt audience at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis. Camila wowed during the orchestrated spectacle, which featured a swarm of backup dancers flanking her in the center of the field, much like J.Lo did during her Superbowl performance!

Fans gushed over their favorite singer’s Paris spectacle on social media almost instantly. “What a show! What a class act you are @Camila Cabello. The entire world was watching. Congratulations on a job well done daughter!”

“Camilla Cabello’s performance in the finals… really alleviated the tension,” one ecstatic fan said, while another added, “Amazing.” It was breathtaking. “Camilla Cabello put on a better show than Liverpool…” said another, mocking the side that went on to lose in the finals.

Meanwhile, Camila’s fans want to know more about her personal life—or, to be more specific, her love life! Camila’s fans have been on a mission to discover answers since she ended her two-year relationship with Shawn Mendes in November.

They received some, thankfully, when Camila appeared in a Vogue video in April, where she revealed her relationship status since her breakup with Shawn.

“Now that I’m single,” she stated during a cosmetics demonstration, “I wear a lot more lipstick, red lips, and brown lips.” “I don’t like kissing someone who has gloss on their lips.” It’s a substantial amount. So now that I’m not kissing anyone, it’s time to put on some gloss, sweetheart! “