Celtics fans are clamoring for Kevin Durant as a result of Jaylen Brown’s…

Celtics fans are clamoring for Kevin Durant as a result of Jaylen Brown’s Twitter activity

Wing for Boston Celtics Kevin Durant, who might be traded if the Nets lose Kyrie Irving, liked a tweet from Jaylen Brown.

With Brooklyn, Irving might re-sign and earn more than $30 million. Although it might seem like an easy choice, Irving wasn’t happy with the Nets’ long-term plans or their haste to reintegrate him. It was a shared sentiment.

Sean Marks and company are fine with losing Irving, especially because it gives them the cap flexibility they need to engage in free agency.

Unfortunately, losing Kyrie means passing on Kevin Durant. KD is 34 years old and has no time to waste in his pursuit of more rings.

Brown’s simple social media move is probably nothing to write home about, but Boston basketball fans see it as the Celtics moving a chess piece into play.

Should the Boston Celtics make a trade for Kevin Durant?

Bobby Marks, who works in the front office of ESPN, said that if you wanted to trade for Durant, you would probably have to give back a record amount.

Boston has a lot to give, but by doing so, they risk severing a significant section of their core, who recently advanced to the NBA Finals.

So, even if he is one of the finest players in the NBA, is it worthwhile for the Celtics to trade away a large portion of their present squad and future assets for a 34-year-old star?

In the NBA, depth wins titles. Boston already has that and in the offseason it may add more. Brown, Jayson Tatum, and company might find themselves in a similar situation to the Nets, KD’s current team, if they take on Durant.

Even while Brooklyn is entertaining, they are limited in their ability to field a strong, competitive group. The C’s would prefer to stay out of that predicament.