Chris Pine was taken aback by the Star Trek News

Chris Pine Surprised By Star Trek Announcement

The revelation that a new Star Trek film is in the works caught Chris Pine off guard.

Chris, who plays James T. Kirk in the Star Trek franchise, was taken aback by the news at Paramount’s Investor Day last month.

Well, what’s going on with “Star Trek” is really, I don’t know,” Chris told IndieWire. I had no idea they were doing it when the news was made at the shareholders’ meeting. “I don’t believe anyone did.”

Despite his surprise, Pine expressed interest in working with filmmaker Matt Shakman.

“I met Matt Shakman, the director,” he continued. He’s a super-cool guy who’s also quite brilliant, and I really like him.

Josh Friedman and Cameron Squires will write the script for the forthcoming “Star Trek” film, and Pine is excited to read it.

“I know there’s a script out there somewhere, and I’m anxious to read it,” the “Wonder Woman” star remarked. I’m excited about it. The group is fantastic. I adore the group. The world fascinates me. “I’m looking forward to going to work.”

Pine’s most recent role is in the thriller “All The Old Knives,” and he shared how he first worked with an intimacy coordinator on the production.

He explained, “I’d never done anything like that before.” You’re executing a sex scene in a bedroom with an older woman observing and giving you instructions on how to do the sex scene, and I’m thinking to myself, “Who is this woman advising me on how to have sex?”

However, it was fantastic. She was stunning. It simply relieves the stress. There’s no pain because a referee is present to ensure that everything is legal and that everyone is at ease.

“She’s also like a choreographer, making sure everything, like “move your neck” or “arch your back more,” communicates beautifully on television.”