DaBaby lashes out at one of King Von’s associates who snubbed him for…

Dababy Unleashes On One Of King Von’s Associates Who Shaded Him For Nba Youngboy Collaboration

DaBaby lashes out at one of King Von’s associates who snubbed him for collaborating with NBA Youngboys.

DaBaby is known for his songs as well as his numerous beef both inside and outside the music industry, the most recent of which prompted him to take to social media for a lengthy statement to clear the air.

DaBaby didn’t hold back in his answer to one of the late King Von’s allies on Instagram after he was accused of leveraging his recent collaboration with NBA Youngboy to resurrect his career.

After Memo600 tweeted “CAN’T BLAME DA BABY HE THOUGHT THAT MAN WAS GNE SAVE HIS CAREER” in response to DaBaby and NBA Youngboy recently collaborating on new songs, DaBaby took the time to respond with a lengthy clap back.

DaBaby’s response to Memo600 was as follows:

You towel boy a** n***as are hilarious. You guys on the internet are trying to run your stripes up while you guys in my DM are raising the white flag. You n***as at OTF must not be on the same page, since there isn’t a gang, city, NIGGA, or neighborhood in the WORLD dangerous enough to make BABY pick and choose who to collect money from. I’m not one of them, uh-huh!

If you don’t like it, DO SUMN. I kept it calm because you n***as want to make it about you, Patna, and Ion talk on the dead because I’m at for! Every day, I get up ready to teach a n***a like you something new. So long as they live, @kingvonfrmdaoGOT my respect, he stood on business with no excuses, and there was only another n***a there ready to do the same. 🤷🏾‍♂️ Isn’t that how we live, and what GANGSTA stands for? However, the rest of you h** a** online n***as are trying to be cool about your boy’s name… is a s**ttttttttttttttt

I’ll respect and dread the mascot a** n***as you’ve got around who aren’t doing all talking, but your mascot a** n***as QUIT IT!

My boy, we are not the same! 😂 QUESTION YO BIG DAWG! Go get some REAL gangstas to step in for you, P***Y! I’ll be waiting for you right here, ready to rock out. #4S**T

Memo600 then responded to the DaBaby on Twitter, stating, “I WATCH ALL THE KILLERS TURN INTERNET SO DONT SAY SH*T TO ME ON STEVE ILL TREAT ANY MF.”

DaBaby has yet to respond to Memo’s latest tweet.