Despite Jameis Winston’s practice injury, the Saints avoided a catastrophe

The quarterback Jameis Winston had to leave practice on Monday due to an injury, but it appears that the Saints have avoided a serious issue for him.

For coaches, players, and fans of the NFL, training camp is a thrilling time. With so much to look forward to during the season, optimism is as high as it can be as teams take the practice field.

A team’s plans could occasionally be derailed by a major injury, as the NFL practice field can be a dangerous environment at times.

The Saints were the ones holding their breath on Monday as quarterback Jameis Winston had to leave practice early due to a foot injury.

After having terrible quarterback injury luck the previous season, New Orleans has basically placed all of its chips on Winston. An injury right now would be demoralizing.

The Saints quarterback escapes serious injury

Even though the team hasn’t provided a clear update, rumors surrounding the injury were encouraging for the Saints. Nick Underhill, a New Orleans resident. According to a tweet from football, the injury doesn’t seem to be “something significant.”

That’ll be a relief for Saints fans to hear, though it doesn’t rule out Winston missing some of training camp while he recovers from whatever specifically ails him.

Winston started seven games in 2021, holding a career-high 102.8 passer rating with 14 touchdowns and just three interceptions. He suffered a season-ending ACL tear, thrusting New Orleans into turmoil at quarterback for the remainder of the season.

He entered free agency but was able to come to a deal to remain with the Saints on a two-year contract in March. He came into training camp as the projected starter for the team, looking to finish what he started last year.

Winston still has to prove he can be a franchise quarterback for New Orleans. His 5-2 record last season was a start. Fortunately, this latest injury scare doesn’t look like it’ll get in the way this time.