Emma Hernan of Selling Sunset claims Ben Affleck slipped into her DMs…

Emma Hernan of Selling Sunset claims Ben Affleck slipped into her DMs before reuniting with Jennifer Lopez

According to Emma Hernan of Selling Sunset, Ben Affleck messaged Emma Hernan on Raya “a few times” before he reconciled with now-fiancée Jennifer Lopez, according to Emma Hernan.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have announced their engagement.

“Raya has confirmed that he has not been an active member for several years,” Ben Affleck’s publicist said in a statement to E! News in reaction to Emma Hernan’s statements on Selling Sunset.

Bennifer might have been Bemma?

Yes, according to Emma Hernan of Selling Sunset.

In the Netflix show’s fifth episode, Ben Affleck sneaked into her DMs on the dating service Raya “just before” he reconciled with his now-fiancée Jennifer Lopez in April 2021, she said in the fifth episode of season five.

Emma and Chrishell Stause discussed Emma and Ben’s almost-romance during a Raya chat, with Chrishell Stause asking if Emma “remembered when Ben Affleck got viral because he, like, sent some girl [something]?”

The actress appeared to be referring to an Oscar winner’s viral video from May 2021, in which he supposedly went out to a lady who had mismatched with him on the site because she suspected him of being a catfish.

Emma had watched the video and received a few texts from the Gone Girl star, as it turned out.

She revealed, “He may or may not have been texting me.” “He might or might not have asked for… coffee a couple of times.” (Given Ben’s fondness for Dunkin’ Donuts, we’ll infer he was planning a Dunkin’ run.)

She also revealed his “opening pickup line,” which revolved around the two’s shared Massachusetts upbringing. Emma added, “We have a Boston connection.” “It was quite sweet,” says the narrator.

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Despite the numerous coffee date invitations, Emma and Ben’s relationship was not meant to be.

Before rekindling romance rumors with Jennifer Lopez in May 2021, the Scituate, Massachusetts native explained that she never had the opportunity to meet the actor in person.

Chrishell was undoubtedly taken aback by the disclosures. She said, “You could’ve foiled Bennifer!” “He was on the prowl,” says the narrator.

And it appears that Ben has discovered what he was looking for! Jennifer revealed in her newsletter on April 8 that she and Ben had become engaged for the second time, over two decades after their first breakup in 2004.

Last July, an insider told E! News, “[They] are absolutely committed to each other.” “Everyone around them thinks they’re a wonderful fit,” says the narrator.