Eugene Hütz of Gogol Bordello Shares A Ukraine Anti-War Playlist &…

Eugene Hütz of Gogol Bordello Shares A Ukraine Anti-War Playlist & A Reminder To Continue Support

According to Eugene Hütz in an exclusive interview with HollywoodLife, “Some people may feel burned out by the war theme, but that does not end the war.”

For more than twenty years, Eugene and the other members of Gogol Bordello have been “smuggling” Ukrainian culture into popular culture for more than twenty years, much like Nikolai Gogol “smuggled” it into Russian society.

It is bittersweet that Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022. The war is still going on, despite being pushed down from trending topics and the first spot on the evening news.

Eugene has created an exclusive playlist of Ukrainian musicians and music written in support of Ukraine’s attempts to oppose the invading invaders to assist remind listeners of this.

Editor’s note: Pete & Lou Koller’s “God Save Ukraine,” which isn’t available on Spotify, was included by Eugene. It’s best to show your support by purchasing a copy on Bandcamp. It is embedded here following the playlist.

He tells HollywoodLife, “Ukraine is functioning as a shield to all of Europe, and as you know, the US and Europe are basically the same civilization with relatively similar lifestyles and values, upon which Russia looks with hostility.”

Recognize this, take action to defend yourself by aiding Ukraine, carrying out small acts of kindness like contributing money, and keep urging others to show empathy. Especially your powerful friends.

Additionally, he tells HollywoodLife, “Russians are already attempting to rewrite their miserable image for the post-war era by behaving as victims of the regime, as nothing is going according to their plan.”

Let’s be clear: Putin is not acting alone; rather, Putin as a whole poses a greater threat. 95% of them have a strong conviction that Ukraine shouldn’t exist. What you can do is completely understand this and respond appropriately.

(Daniel Efram)

After spending several years traveling around Ukraine, Eugene moved to Vermont in 1992. Following the Chernobyl catastrophe, his family left his hometown, and while they traveled to Kyiv, his parents concealed his Rama background.

His family eventually arrived in Burlington. He started Gogol Bordello when he moved to New York City in search of riches. After being together for 20 years and putting out seven studio albums, the band has fans both in the United States and abroad.

(Daniel Efram)

Eugene answers, “Not startled, but impressed, yeah,” when asked if the American response to the situation surprised him in any way.

He tells HollywoodLife that “a whole family of famous singers and artists were very fast to respond, and individuals organized benefits all around the country.” “The administration has consistently offered its help, albeit not always as quickly as it could. However, everything is very much appreciated.