Fernando Tatis Jr. is the winner of the Best Hairstyling and Makeup category

Fansided Sports Oscars: Fernando Tatis Jr. Wins For Best Hairstyling And Makeup

Fernando Tatis Jr. has more than just a gorgeous mane. In every sense, he’s one of baseball’s brightest talents, challenging the dominating approach.

When the Chicago White Sox signed Fernando Tats, Jr., a 16-year-old at the time, he was hailed as a future star, but no one predicted that his hair would become popular as well. Tats Jr.’s blonde-tipped dreadlocks stand out in a sea of mostly typical on-field hairstyles.

That’s why he took home the FanSided Sports Academy Award for Best Hairstyling and Makeup. While we normally talk about Tats Jr.’s other accomplishments, such as his spectacular catches or moonshot home runs, his ritual of flipping his locs is just as captivating.

Fernando Tats, Jr. made a catch at shortstop on July 5, 2021 that, if his career continues on its current path, will likely be just one of many great plays he makes. He leaps into the air, then kicks his feet, which appears to propel him to a new level, allowing him to make a grab that no other human could even conceive of.

A two-legged leap Amazing. Fernando’s locs wobble up and down during the second part of the leap, with him swaying up and down. They appear to be part of the propulsion, giving him just enough extra wind to complete the jump, despite being partially tucked under his cap. If you’ll pardon the expression, it’s the hair up there.

Fernando Tatis Jr. has a distinct flair

Many people compared the photos of the catch to Michael Jordan’s, and since “it’s got to be the shoes” for Michael, would it be a stretch to suggest “it’s got to be the hair” for the catch?

The catch was dubbed “superhuman” by commentators, and every superhero has to gain his talents from somewhere, right? Why not the dreads, for example?

Despite the fact that the other renowned number 23 is bald, the current “face of baseball” has transformed the way dreadlocks are seen on the baseball field.

Baseball fandom is typically immersed in so-called “traditions” and “playing the game the right way,” which includes people scoffing at ostentatious jewelry, rap music, and some ethnic haircuts.

Dreadlocks have been associated with negative connotations for years, but in 2021, a San Diego-area mother created clip-on dreadlocks for her five-year-old son to be able to rep his favorite player, signifying a shift. Tats Jr. and his hair have brought a new generation of devotees into the fold.

There are new devotees who are enamored with their dreadlocked hero in all his glory. One of baseball’s best qualities is its potential to inspire surprise and excitement in children who watch games, and Tats knows how to achieve that.

But it’s not just the kids that are enamored with his hair. Adults have been seen replicating his characteristic appearance, and the Padres developed a video of Tats doing the famous # SilhouetteChallenge, in which he just flipped his hair over and over again while the audience went wild.

Tats Jr.’s impact on the game should be ascribed not only to his brilliance but also to the coolness of his tresses.

A human highlight reel with infinite swagger, Tats Jr.’s impact on the game should be credited not only to his talent but also to the coolness of his tresses. He isn’t the first to wear his particular style, but he does so with unparalleled flair.

We don’t know when Fernando will return to the field this season due to a wrist injury, but I have no doubt that when he does, his ombré dreadlocks will once again make a case for the finest hair in sports.

For Jesus Christ has dreads, so shake ’em, “Bay Area rap great E-40 famously said, and catching a glimpse of Fernando Tats Jr. and his luscious hair in the San Diego Padres’ dugout might well be a spiritual experience.