Following Kanye West and Drake’s recent reconciliation, Pusha T discusses…

Pusha T Speaks On Where He Stands With Drake Following Kanye West And Drake’s Recent Reconciliation—”bygones Are Bygones”

Following Kanye West and Drake’s recent reconciliation, Pusha T discusses where he stands with Drake, saying, “Bygones Are Bygones.”

Roommates, it appears like Pusha T and Drake’s long-running feud is officially over. Pusha T said in a recent interview that he, like his close buddy and producer Kanye West, has let bygones be bygones with Drizzy.

You may recall that Drake recently released a video of his son Adonis and used the caption to write lyrics by Pusha T, leading supporters to believe that their long-running feud had been resolved. Now fast forward to the present, and Pusha T has essentially declared that the beef is over.

Pusha T recently spoke with Complex to promote his next album, and he discussed not only where he stands with Drake, but also how he feels about Kanye West and Drake reconciling after their own tumultuous relationship.

“I’ve already moved on from that.” I don’t think about it anymore. As far as I can tell, bygones are bygones. And I think it’s great that [Drake and Kanye] were able to put an end to it. That is extremely beneficial to them. ‘That might be beneficial for you,’ I told [Ye],'” Pusha T remarked.

In other parts of the conversation, he talked about his highly-anticipated new album, which includes the recently released hit single “Diet Coke,” and said that no one will be able to touch him musically when it comes out. “This year, no album is greater than mine,” Pusha declared.

Pusha T’s album, which features Kanye West and The Neptunes on exclusive production, is expected to arrive in the coming months.