Gisele Bündchen tweets about her husband, Tom Brady, in support

Gisele Bündchen won’t be seeing Tom Brady play in his first NFL game following his retirement on Sunday night, according to a source who talked to PEOPLE.

The insider reports that the 45-year-old quarterback will participate in the opening game of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2022–2023 season against the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium without Gisele Bündchen, 42. Before the first photo was taken, Gisele Bündchen tweeted, “Let’s go @TomBrady!” Go, Buccaneers!

There were no plans for the supermodel to watch the game, a Buccaneers insider told PEOPLE on Thursday.

Every time Gisele goes to a game, it’s a big deal, complete with increased security and family refreshments, but as of right now, they claimed none of that will be there for Sunday’s game.


Credit: people

It feels really different this year compared to last year. The guy said, “We saw her about, and she was thrilled to be here. It seems strange that she couldn’t possibly come, even though there is nothing planned for her to be here for the first regular season game.

They avoid bringing up Gisele Bündchen around the seven-time Super Bowl champion, the insider stated.
We all feel the stress in this room, but we’re not sure how bad it is. Therefore, we avoid bringing up Gisele with him. The topic is avoided when it comes to him.

Gisele Bündchen wasn’t pleased with Brady’s comeback from retirement, a second source previously told PEOPLE. There is a lot of stress. She was thrilled when he announced his departure, but she wasn’t happy at all when he changed his mind.

The insider stated that they are going through a challenging time. However, I am aware that they—or at the very least—he—are trying to fix the issue and make it work. He wants to go past this and make things better.