‘Hall of Fame’ teammate Freddie Freeman is represented by Joc Pederson

Joc Pederson Goes To Bat For ‘hall Of Fame’ Teammate Freddie Freeman

Joc Pederson may have only played for the Atlanta Braves for a portion of a season, but he feels his teammate Freddie Freeman is a Hall of Famer.

While the outcome of free agency remains to be determined, Joc Pederson went to bat for Atlanta Braves teammate Freddie Freeman.

Pederson, who was wearing his signature pearl necklace and a beautiful Papa John’s tee, said that while he hasn’t spoken to Freeman this offseason, he believes the perennial All-Star first baseman would do what is best for his family in free agency.

He also claims that Freeman has put up hall-of-fame numbers while playing with the Braves. In mid-September 2022, Freeman will turn 33 years old.

Is Freeman on his path to Cooperstown, despite the fact that the two may never be teammates again?

Joc Pederson of the Atlanta Braves considers Freddie Freeman to be a hall of fame teammate.

In 2010, Freeman made his professional debut with Atlanta. He’s a five-time National League All-Star, three-time Silver Slugger, Gold Glove winner, National League MVP, and World Series champion.

He should approach 3,000-lifetime hits and well over 400 career home runs if he continues to play at a high level over the next six seasons. Despite the fact that he will have two truncated seasons during his prime, he has the potential to be a Hall of Famer one day.

This is why his departure from the Braves is so contentious. If he spent his entire career in Atlanta, he would be given the benefit of the doubt by people who vote on the hall of fame ballot.

The Atlanta Hawks would retire his No. 5 jersey. Freeman, like his mentor Chipper Jones, might seek for first-ballot consideration. He’d become a baseball ambassador for the entire Braves organization.

Though he may play at a high level for someone else in the final third of his big-league career, he can’t expect to get into Cooperstown by falling off a cliff in another uniform.

Andruw Jones was wounded by his decision to leave Atlanta. While Tom Glavine had individual success after leaving the Braves’ archrival, the New York Mets were not a consistent winner during his time there.

Finances are crucial, but so is legacy, and in his free agency, Freeman will have to balance the two.