“I Just Wanted To Always Show My Innocence,” Doodie Lo says of FTN Bae’s…

Doodie Lo Says He Forgives Ftn Bae For Sexual Assault Allegations: “i Just Wanted To Always Show My Innocence”

“I Just Wanted To Always Show My Innocence,” Doodie Lo says of FTN Bae’s sexual assault allegations.

OTF Doodie Lo went live on Instagram after FTN Bae went live to clear Doodie Lo’s name of sexual charges. He forgives his ex because “he has a forgiving heart,” according to the artist.

“At the end of the day, I ain’t gon’ lie to y’all,” Doodie Lo said. I’ll forgive her… I’ll pardon her. Do you get what I’m saying? “I was born with a forgiving heart.” “It did f**k some s**t,” Doodie Lo went on to say. My family, my team, and I have been through a lot.” Doodie Lo responded, “I just wanted to always show my innocence,” when asked why he wanted to clear his name.


Doodie Lo

“She’s been slammed by a number of people.” I’m not one for slamming her. I’m not sure… My heart is unique. My blessings have always come to me. My gifts aren’t going to stop.” “I adore y’all,” he said at the end of his show, referring to his tour.

According to FTN Bae, her son claimed he “made up” the incident since he was “pooping in his trousers” at the time. FTN Bae didn’t go into detail about the chat she claims she had with her kid, but she did remark that when she first got the news, she was going to “slip” for her son.

FTN Bae also issued a public apology and declared that Doodie Lo passed a lie detector exam. She also asserted that she “never attempted to damage his career” and that she was not seeking “clout.”

“It’s finished. He passed his test, so that’s the end of it. My son was completely honest. I’m sorry, but I’m in a horrible mood. All I needed was for him to assist me.

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