I miss you so much, Dad. Mira Sorvino, his daughter, was mentioned in a piece

The 83-year-old Academy Award winner’s father died of natural causes last month, and this week the 54-year-old actress shared with her fans how she was handling her grief in a series of tweets.

Dad, I’m terribly sorry. Mira wrote in her first tweet. In a later piece, she stated, “My whole life, I had dreaded losing my parents. Some of it has now come to pass.

“I feel a great degree of sympathy for everyone who has lost a parent,” the actress concluded. It uproots you, throws you into a precarious situation, and robs you of the counsel and love of the people you value most.

As she shared her sincere tweets, her fans responded to her candor by expressing their love and support for her. “You all are so amazing and kind!” Mira replied with a tweet.

She went on to say that there is real goodness in the world. I feel it and experience it hour by hour as unplanned deeds of generosity from total strangers lift my spirits.

All of us are connected by this thread. I appreciate it. After learning of her father’s passing on July 25, Mira posted a heartfelt tribute to him on Twitter.

“My father, the legendary Paul Sorvino, has passed away,” she said at the time. “With him, I had a life of love, humor, and wisdom, and now that life is over, and my heart is broken, The ideal parent ever, he was. He has my undying love. I’m sending love your way, Dad, as you soar through the heavens.

In order to express her sadness, Mira also added a black square to her Instagram account. Other users who saw the picture left sympathetic comments.

Greetings to you and your family. Written by Rosie O’Donnell I’m terribly sorry, Mira. My heartfelt sympathies are with you and your family.

“Healing, compassion, restoration, and joy,” remarked Brian Van Holt. Harold Perrineau said to Mira, “I adore you and your family. My heartfelt condolences, said Gilles Marini.