In a Great Gatsby-inspired wedding, Kevin Love marries Kate Bock

On June 25, NBA player Kevin Love married model Kate Bock in a lavish ceremony at the New York City Public Library.

In comments published on June 26, Kate said to People, “The city is so much a part of our journey, and it felt so fitting to bring all of our favorite people together within such an iconic New York City institution.”

“Kevin and I are both very inquisitive individuals who appreciate literature, art, and history. The New York Public Library combines all of those interests in a charming environment.

It brings back the classic New York glitz we were looking for and is so recognizable as our beloved city. “

She continued. We also appreciate how close it is to the St. Regis Hotel, where we had our first date.

The bride, who is 34 years old, said that all guests had to wear black and white to keep with the theme of the event, which was a “ball evoking old-school NYC grandeur, inspired by the Great Gatsby, [Frank] Sinatra, and the Hollywood icons of the ’50s and ’60s,” according to Kate.

The 2020 Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model selected a Ralph Lauren gown for her wedding, claiming that it was “inspired by Grace Kelly’s wedding dress.”

Kate said that she was a real icon, and someone whose timeless qualities inspired her. I could only think, “This is a work of art,” when I first saw the outfit in person. It is incredibly unique, extremely regal, and just stunning. “

Kevin, 33, donned Ralph Lauren as well and opted for a traditional black tuxedo.

Together, we prepared for the wedding, traveled to the library, and planned the wedding, she remarked.

Kevin and I didn’t think it was crucial to keep our affairs separate.

Kate told E! News in an exclusive interview last month about how she was planning her wedding. She said that she used mood boards to get ideas.

“You have no idea how many boards I have,” Kate said. Kevin is a great visualizer. It clarifies what’s going on in my thoughts, and he can then agree, disagree, or rearrange things, making it a really valuable exercise to ensure that we both understand what’s going on. “

She also gave a hint at the outfit that would become her signature, Grace Kelly-esque look.

She said, “My outfit is modeled on anything she’s worn.” If Kevin were to say, “In my life, there’s one person I’m most inspired by or who is most inspirational to me—dead or alive.”

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Six months ago, Kate posted pictures of the romantic proposal and her magnificent diamond ring to Instagram to announce the couple’s engagement.

This was perhaps the finest birthday surprise I could have ever hoped for. My love asked me to be a Love, and I couldn’t be happier. ” In January, she disclosed. All day and night, “Heart overflowing.”

Later, the model said that she was “not aware” that the Cleveland Cavaliers would be proposing at that moment.

She explained to E! News in February, “I just believed that wouldn’t happen during the season, because normally we’re just extremely busy and we don’t get to do anything different.”

Since it was my birthday and we were going out to dinner, it was wonderful, and we had a lot of cute plans, I had no idea that it would actually happen.