In a hilarious tweet, Draymond Green criticizes Kendrick Perkins’ NBA Draft…

In a hilarious tweet, Draymond Green criticizes Kendrick Perkins’ NBA Draft coverage

Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors slammed ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins for his NBA Draft coverage.

Green and Perkins have a long-standing feud over Green’s NBA Finals coverage as a former Celtics center. Anything more than a week is considered a long time in this day and age of sports coverage. Sorry, but that’s how we operate.

On Thursday night, Perkins appeared on ESPN’s NBA Draft coverage and commented on Chet Holmgren’s health regimen.

Green was obviously disappointed, and he questioned Perkins’ motives.

Draymond was trying to stay away from Twitter for a few days!The man can’t always help himself.

The Warriors’ Draymond Green takes another shot at Kendrick Perkins

Green doesn’t hold back now that he has his own podcast. As Green prepares for his post-playing career, the public has constant access to him.

On the court, Draymond has always had a lot to say, but now that the Dubs have won four titles, he has very little left to say. As the Dennis Rodman of his generation, he was elected to the Hall of Fame on the first vote (in a good way).

Green will stay in shape during those runs, even if Golden State still has championships to win. Even at the age of 32, he can play. He still has three to four more fantastic seasons in him before the decline sets in, and he is earning millions in the process.

His social media stream is quite amusing, especially when he’s going up against Perkins, and the podcast will only make things worse.