In a matter of seconds, my beloved tinted eyebrow gel gives me professional…

This Beloved Tinted Eyebrow Gel Gives Me Professional Brows In Just A Few Seconds

In a matter of seconds, my beloved tinted eyebrow gel gives me professional brows

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I didn’t realize until lately that your brows can make or ruin your entire look. I was a victim of the early 2000s craze of plucking your brows to within an inch of their lives when I was a teenager. I had two razor-thin commas hanging above my eyes instead of full, natural brows.

I eventually came to my senses and let my brows to naturally grow. Later, I tried filling in and defining my brows with various brow pencils. I never looked back after discovering Benefit’s Gimme Brow Tinted Eyebrow Gel.


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Benefit was the first non-CVS beauty product I ever used when I was older, so it has a particular place in my heart. They do the whole “goof-proof” thing better than a lot of other beauty products, in my opinion. What I like best about this brow gel is how simple and quick it is to apply.

I think a common misperception regarding brow products is that they require accuracy, but Benefit’s colored brow gel does not. It can be applied in a few swipes in the same manner that a lipstick would. I had too much coffee the first time I used it and had shaky caffeinated hands, but I was still able to apply it flawlessly.

I’d been using brow pencils entirely before trying brow gels, which are fantastic for adding delicate, hair-like strokes. But what I like about gels is that they define your brows by setting and holding them in place.

There are clear gels on the market that may be used after a pencil, but I find the Benefit coloured gel to be a little stickier. If you’re like me and like fewer steps and faster results, this is a great option. I’m not attempting to spend hours in front of my bathroom mirror in order to achieve attractive brows.

The application procedure is as straightforward as Key lime pie (my favorite pie). To get instantly bolder, better brows, simply glide the spoolie applicator across your brow line. The makeup is volumizing, which means it doesn’t simply make your brows darker, but it also makes them appear fuller.

It also lasts far longer than brow pencils or powders that I’ve tried. I don’t even keep it in my makeup bag for reapplication during the day. It’s a simple “one and done” situation–all I have to do is swipe it on first thing in the morning.