In a shocking new video, Tom Brady goes shirtless in his home gym

Tom Brady Goes Shirtless In His Home Gym In Revealing New Video: Watch

In a humorous video for his apparel line, the NFL legend demonstrated that he’s ready to return to the game by flaunting his buff figure.

“Un-retirement” looks good on Tom Brady! In a funny video shared on his Instagram on Thursday, the 44-year-old NFL superstar, who reversed his decision to put up his helmet in March, showed fans and followers that he’s in top shape to return to the football field on April 7.

In the video, a shirtless Tom smashes his phone in the name of showing his clothing line’s current items.

Tom starts the commercial out by asking someone off camera if he should “step on it.” He then sets his phone down and slams his foot against it, shattering the screen.

Meanwhile, Tom appears to be sporting his new “zero-weight track jacket,” which he proudly displays. As the camera switches to the broken screen, Tom remarks, “Now I must get a new phone.”

The Instagram posts come only weeks after the great quarterback opted to return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after a temporary retirement. On March 13, Tom took to Twitter to explain why he had changed his mind.

“I’ve realized in the last two months that my position is still on the field, not in the stands.” That moment will arrive. But that isn’t the case right now.

I adore my teammates as well as my loving family. They are the ones who make it all possible. I’m returning to Tampa for my 23rd season. LFG has unfinished business. “

Tom’s best friend and former/forever teammate, spoke on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday (April 6) and expressed his entire support for Tom altering his mind. I wasn’t surprised in the least.

I was amazed at how quickly everything happened, because I had expected him to take a year off or something along those lines and then return.

Rob stated that Tom could play for a longer period of time than most people believe. “I believe he’ll keep going until he’s at least 50,” he remarked. “I observe his work ethic on a daily basis, and it’s unrivaled.”