In a statement on her defamation lawsuit loss, Tasha K says she “wouldn’t…

Tasha K Says She “wouldn’t Change A Single Thing” In Statement About Defamation Lawsuit Loss

In a statement on her defamation lawsuit loss, Tasha K says she “wouldn’t change a single thing.”

Tasha K has issued a statement following the defamation lawsuit filed by Cardi B against her. Tasha K and her firm, Kebe Studios LLC, were found responsible on all charges by a jury on Monday.

Defamation, invasion of privacy by misleading light portrayal, and deliberate infliction of emotional distress are among the claims. Tasha and Kebe Studios are now liable for over $4 million in damages.

Tasha is well-known for her unWinewithTashaK YouTube channel. She presents and creates segments for her one million-follower YouTube channel.

Tasha makes a public statement in the form of a video.

Tasha added in her video statement, “These last four years battling this conspiracy case have been tremendously tough, but I wouldn’t change a single thing about any of it.”

Tasha stated that she “learned so much” from the journey, which included “strong and illuminating” moments. According to the blogger, the guilty verdict came as “no surprise” to her, her husband, or her legal team.

Tasha K remarked, “We called bluff against a machine that sought to bully me for not compromising my personal views.” “A machine that serves corporate interests by protecting prostitution, drug addiction, promiscuity, and glorifying the violence that wreaks havoc on our society and neighborhoods.”

This machine, according to Tasha K, “secured an extraordinarily prejudicial verdict” against her and Kebe Studios. She claimed the decision was made “solely on the basis of sympathy and payola.” Tasha also thinks the case “successfully made [her] out to be an angry and spiteful lady.” She went on to defend her company and platform.

Tasha stated, “This is a serious business.” “I am a 17-year-old wife and mother to a lovely 15-year-old honor student and a two-year-old kid. My platform disseminates information and sheds light on current events in our society.”

Tasha Refutes Guilty Conviction

Tasha mentioned her First Amendment rights several times. She rejected all of the claims on which the jury found her guilty later in the 12-minute film.

“We established that there was no defamation, invasion of privacy, or suicidal ideation with adequate, verifiable information,” Tasha stated.

The remark is a jab at a portion of Cardi’s trial testimony. Due to the false stories Tasha published about her, the rapper told jurors she “wanted to commit suicide.” False charges of prostitution, infidelity, sexual penetrative actions with beer bottles, developing herpes, and utilizing strong narcotics were among the stories told.

Tasha intends to file an appeal. Despite the fact that the jury gave Cardi a substantial $3.8 million in damages, medical bills, attorney fees, and punitive damages, the decision was made.

“We will fight no matter how much it costs or how long it takes,” Tasha stated.

The YouTuber added that she will defend the case “all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.”

Cardi B Makes a Public Statement

Cardi B released a statement about her success after receiving further cash on Tuesday.

“All of you have learned about the darkest period of my life during this trial. “The ugly, filthy, and entirely untrue narratives that were continuously and aggressively shared online fueled that moment in time,” Cardi stated.

“I felt absolutely helpless and vulnerable, believing that I would never be heard or vindicated.” I’ve never taken for granted the platform that my celebrity provides, which is why I spent nearly three years of my life seeking justice.”

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