In an incredible circus catch, an Oklahoma baseball player flips into the dugout

In the College World Series, Oklahoma baseball first baseman Blake Robertson went all out to make a play, diving into the Notre Dame dugout.

The College World Series, which takes place every year in Omaha, attracts some of the top baseball players in the country.

Not only are the best (or at least the hottest) teams in the country making the trip, but it’s also when you get to witness these young guys pumped up and ready to go all-out in order to clinch the victory.

On Sunday night, in a winner’s bracket battle against Notre Dame, that was certainly the case for Oklahoma baseball first baseman Blake Robertson.

The Fighting Irish were hoping to get something going early in the Sunday night game in Omaha. The Sooners’ pitching staff, on the other hand, was on fire early on and even got a hitter to pop up into foul territory.

That’s when Robertson decided to go all-out superhero at all costs.

The first baseman flips into the dugout after an incredible catch

Robertson had a full head of speed towards the Notre Dame dugout in the foul area and didn’t slow down a little as he approached the protective railing. He did a full flip into the dugout as he secured the grab. Even more incredible, he managed to keep hold of the ball.

At least for Sunday’s baseball action, that’s the king of the Web Gems. What an incredible catch on such a big stage.

Robertson’s heroics — for what it’s worth, he was fine after the play — appeared to give Oklahoma baseball a boost as well. Midway through the game, they had a 5-0 lead and looked dominant at the plate and in the field.