In his sermon, Pastor Mike Todd discusses the use of spitting as a…

Pastor Mike Todd Addresses Using Spit As A Demonstration Tactic In His Sermon

In his sermon, Pastor Mike Todd discusses the use of spitting as a demonstration tactic.

On Sunday evening and early Monday, Pastor Mike Todd came dangerously close to breaking the internet. The pastor is seen spitting on his hand and rubbing it across his brother’s face in a viral video, which has sparked a lot of discussion on social media.

The act was modeled after a time when Jesus used his own spit to heal a blind man. Prior to wiping on the saliva, the preacher warned that “getting vision from God sometimes turn ugly.”

Pastor Mike responded to the protest on Instagram early Monday afternoon. He appears to have watched the video again and agrees with the critics’ assessment that it is “disgusting.”

“That was revolting.” He stated, “I want to validate everyone’s feelings.” “That was a diversion from what I was attempting to accomplish.” I was really trying to bring the word to life and for others to see the story, but it got a little too live yesterday.”

Pastor Mike went on to say that he and Transformation Church are passionate about assisting others. He claims that his love for the subject motivates him to go to extremes. His brother, who received the spit and wipe, appears to be doing well. Mike even quipped that he was bald before the protest and still is, so he’ll reconsider his strategy next time.

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