In response to Chris Brown’s rape lawsuit, Lil Duval says anyone who makes…

Lil Duval Says People Who Make False Rape Accusations Need To Be Locked Up In Response To Chris Brown’s Rape Lawsuit

In response to Chris Brown’s rape lawsuit, Lil Duval says anyone who makes false rape accusations should be imprisoned.

Lil Duval chimed in on Chris Brown’s rape suit, sending a message to those who make false charges! After text messages and a voice message from the woman accusing Chris of rape were revealed, Duval sprang to Brown’s defense in a series of tweets.

The mysterious woman requested sexual intercourse with Chris on several occasions after the alleged rape, according to the communications. The woman’s legal counsel reportedly withdrew her as a client once the communications were leaked. Lil Duval adds that, in light of the new data, women are not held accountable for bringing false charges, which needs to change.

“So if Chris Brown hadn’t sent those texts, y’all would’ve automatically sided with the woman,” Duval added. “The sad aspect is that someone could come out tomorrow and say the same thing, and you’d still take her side.” They should imprison anyone who falsely accuses someone of rape.”

“When y’all be dead a** wrong, y’all just act like it never happened,” he said. However, the person you unjustly accused will be stigmatized for the rest of their lives. You won’t understand until your son is wrongfully accused of anything.”

Lil Duval also hinted that Chris deserved an apology from those who believed the lawsuit’s allegations.

“If you go to any page bashing Chris Brown, none of them are apologizing for believing that girl,” he said.

Chris played a voice note he reportedly received from the woman, in which she wanted to have sex with him again, as we previously reported. Chris had also been avoiding her calls and messages for a long period following their first sexual encounter, she claimed.

Chris’ legal team has now said that they are investigating the allegations.