In the aftermath of her recent altercation with Joseline Hernandez and Balistic…

Amber Ali Releases A Statement From Her Legal Team In The Wake Of Her Recent Altercation With Joseline Hernandez & Balistic 

In the aftermath of her recent altercation with Joseline Hernandez and Balistic, Amber Ali’s legal team issues a statement.

Things have gotten fairly heated around Joseline Hernandez’s reality show “Joseline’s Cabaret” after it was discovered that things got physical while recording the show’s reunion.

As previously reported, one of the show’s cast members, Amber Ali, resorted to social media to say that Joseline and her man Balistic assaulted her. Amber’s legal team has now issued an official statement.

“We are very grieved by the events that occurred at the taping of Joseline’s Cabaret reunion show yesterday,” Amber’s attorneys, Adeife & Rabii, said in a statement on Thursday. The atrocities that took place were heinous, unforgivable, and far from any sense of female empowerment.

It is never permissible nor enjoyable to be the victim of purposeful acts of violence, regardless of the gender of the perpetrators. The network should assure the cast members’ safety and security, which necessitates the level of care required to prevent major bodily injury or harm.”

They stated that they will “vigorously address and advocate” Amber’s behalf.

“I’m so embarrassed, mortified, and depressed,” Amber added. I can’t seem to stop repeating the events in my thoughts. Ballistic ought to be detained! In front of cameras, crew, production, and guests, he and Joseline attacked me! This is incorrect. “I’m looking for justice.”

As previously reported, a statement was published on behalf of Joseline and Balistic before Amber’s legal team’s announcement, in which they expressed their sadness about the claims leveled against them.

The show was also “built on the cornerstone of female empowerment,” according to the producers.

“We strongly disagree with a correlation between these themes and the events that occurred last night,” they stated.

They continued to speak and demonstrate their support for Zeus’ message against bullying, unwarranted violence, and men abusing women. There is video evidence of the incidents, and we are satisfied that our stance is clear.”

On Wednesday, Amber went live from the hospital, claiming she was kicked by Joseline and showing off a bruise on the side of her stomach. Balistic also allegedly ripped her hair out, according to her.

“I mortal kombat one h*e, pimp slapped another one,” Joseline later said on Twitter. I snuck one into last night’s show. I kicked a few people to the ground. Everyone on the platform got a slap in the face from me. My crew and I are waiting for it.”