In the legal dispute involving her father, Britney Spears won’t be required…

In the legal dispute involving her father, Britney Spears won’t be required to testify

Britney Spears has won a further legal battle. Judge Brenda Penny ruled on Wednesday that the singer, 40, is not required to testify in her ongoing legal dispute with her biological father.

“We are pleased, but not surprised, that Judge Penny upheld her thorough and legally sound decision, denying Mr. Spears’ despicable and desperate attempt to subpoena his own daughter for testimony.”

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According to Matthew Rosengart, Britney’s lawyer, any respectable person, especially a parent, will accept their loss and merely move on with their life.

According to Judge Penny’s ruling, the information that would be revealed by the testimony would not be advantageous to the case. Spears won’t testify in the upcoming trial, according to Rosengart, who claimed in court that she would find it extremely upsetting to repeat her testimony.

Over the winter, Jamie asked his daughter to contribute to the ongoing cost of her relinquishing custody by paying his legal team. However, Judge Penny issued an injunction earlier this month requiring the agitated father to give a statement for the investigation.

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Britney Spears has achieved yet another noteworthy success. After eluding capture for nine months, her father was ordered to testify and present the required papers as soon as possible.

It was a really good day for justice overall. “Mr. Spears’ day of reckoning has arrived, at least at this level,” the attorney said during the hearing. “The court ordered him to appear to testify.”

August 12 is the day of testimony. despite the fact that Jamie recently refuted the claim that, as his daughter’s legal guardian, he bugged his daughter’s room.

But thankfully, Britney has now bought a new house and married her beloved Sam Asgari. The musician can now start a new chapter in his life without fear of persecution, tyranny, or restrictions on his freedom.