In the upcoming Sony Madame Web Movie, Emma Roberts’ Character Is…

In the upcoming Sony Madame Web Movie, Emma Roberts’ Character Is Pregnant, According to Set Photos

The information regarding Sony’s impending Madame Web movie keeps changing, but the narrative and characters remain unknown, leaving fans to make educated guesses.

At this point, it is safe to conclude that Sony may be using the secrecy surrounding the next project as a marketing ploy.

The mysterious character played by Emma Roberts in the movie will either remain pregnant for the whole running time or for a significant portion of it, according to a new update that fans received via a leaked set photo.

Along with many other celebrities, Emma was confirmed to be in the movie before filming even started, but just like all the other names connected to the movie, Emma’s character is a complete mystery to everyone.

Sydney Sweeney, Celeste O’Connor, Isabela Merced, Tahar Rahim, Mike Epps, and Adam Scott are among the other actors that have been confirmed to appear in the movie alongside Emma.

The lead actress, Dakota Johnson, who will play the title role, is the only performer whose part in the movie is truly confirmed.

Nevertheless, despite all the intrigue surrounding the film, the leaks have allowed fans to make predictions.

Fans have conjectured that Emma Roberts might be playing a version of longtime Spider-Man love interest Mary Jane based on the combination of previously released set photographs of Adam Scott and Emma Roberts.

According to this theory:

In the multiverse, Madame Web has served as a kind of advisor and/or oracle for a variety of Spider-themed characters, including alternate Peter Parkers from multiple realities, in the comics. Leaked set photos of Adam Scott’s attire and hairstyle gave fans reason to suspect that he might be portraying a multiverse Peter Parker, and now pregnant photos of Emma Roberts on set are fueling speculation that the movie might be based on a comic book plot in which Peter loses his spider-like abilities and MJ becomes pregnant as a result.

Despite being a little illogical and somewhat accurate, the idea is as good as any until Sony publicly confirms any character and plot specifics regarding the impending project.