In this Riverdale sneak peek, Betty has a new female love interest

Betty Cooper has gotten herself into a pickle, so we hope she likes vinegar.

In this exclusive sneak peek from Riverdale’s June 12 episode, Betty (Lili Reinhart) tells Veronica (Camila Mendes) that Dr. Jillian Drake (Sophia Tatum), a new FBI agent in town who works with Betty, has fallen for her.

“Did she declare her love for you?” Veronica inquires. “Like something out of a romance novel? That’s a poor example of professionalism. “

Betty is in a relationship with Archie, which makes it even more uncomfortable (KJ Apa).

Betty adds, “Yeah, tell me about it.” However, it has caused me to reflect. I compartmentalize with Archie, to be honest. I don’t discuss my job. Even when I have terrible ideas, I don’t share them with him. I don’t feel the need to restrain myself around Drake. “

Oh no, it’s starting to feel like this isn’t going to end well. Veronica, on the other hand, does her utmost to help Betty get through it.

“Everyone compartmentalizes with everyone,” she adds to Betty. As a result, I don’t see a problem. It’s not like you’re drawn to Drake in the first place. “

Betty literally takes a drink of tea at this point.

“Are you hot for Agent Drake, Betty Cooper?” Veronica inquires.

Betty argues, “It’s complex!” “No,” she responds, “but I did have a dream about her.” “On paper, we’re a good match.”

Make sure Archie isn’t aware of this.

Veronica, who has her own troubled relationship with Archie, provides some insight.

Is it possible for me to offer you some advice? Don’t go with Drake there, “she informs Betty. Also, speak with Archie. Unfortunately, several of my relationships have ended because we didn’t have the necessary conversations. Or they arrived too late. “