Is Jason Momoa going to be the next saga’s villain?

Fast & Furious 10: Will Jason Momoa Be The Future Villain Of The Saga

One of the “Fast 10” signatories, Jason Momoa, expresses his feelings about becoming a part of these blockbuster films, ensuring that he will work alongside Charlize Theron. Will this be the story’s conclusion?

One of the most renowned signatories to the Fast Saga is Jason Momoa. The film Fast & Furious, in which he will play a terrific villain, is currently in pre-production and revealing fresh details. The owner and proprietor of this license, Vin Diesel, expects that his delivery will captivate the people and establish a set of guidelines for the future.

The big villain of this sequel will also be in the future of this thrilling film production, according to the speculations surrounding the project, as shown in the comic book.

Momoa, the Aquaman and Game of Thrones star, has been confirmed as the new Fast Ten competitor. In a recent interview with ET, Momoa talked about how excited she is about the movie, which is set to start filming later this month.

My persona is remarkable, “the actor explained. He’s a grumpy individual. I believe he is incorrect. I’m going to shoot with some amazing folks he’s never met before.

First and foremost, I’d like to collaborate with Charlize Theron, who inspires me a lot. She is incredible. They then allowed me to visit some fantastic locations. Obviously, I work with the entire cast, or at least the majority of it, “admitted the spokesman.”

Momoa has also said that he will appear in multiple sequences alongside Vin Diesel, who will reprise his role as Dominic Toretto in the tenth episode, and who knows, who knows, maybe even in the sequels once this incredible story concludes. Momoa guffawed, “I’m sure that’s why they recruited me.”