I’ve noticed you! Sis, You Should Be Making Fashionable Accessories Out of Everyday Items!


You’d best get out there! The world has been cutting it up when it comes to fashion! One young lady, on the other hand, has been designing one-of-a-kind looks that have the internet in a chokehold.

You’ve probably seen 23-year-old Jada’s unusual ‘fits on the internet! Jada Pinkett Smith has gone popular for her quirky style and accessories, which you would never expect to see.

Jada’s photos have recently been all over the internet. You might be wondering what makes her style so unique, and I’d say it’s the unexpected. Sis recently accessorized with a grey two-piece set and a clear glass table. She is, in essence, asserting that she is the table.

I See You! Sis Better Be Turning Everyday Items Into Fashionable Accessories! (fashion)


That’s correct, I’m sure! Jada may accessorize any two-piece set with a wide range of products. A plastic fuel can, a package of Ruffles crisps, and Hidden Valley ranch dressing that appeared as bags were among her other outfits.

Her carrying a 24-pack of Aquafina water bottles with her blue two-piece set with Jordan’s, on the other hand, truly pleased me.

We sought out the Richmond, California native to see how she creates viral looks. “Music inspires a lot of my looks.” “I want to create looks that are metaphorical,” Jada told TSR exclusively.

“Some of the looks I put up take less than a week, others may take up to months,” Jada said when we asked how long it takes her to think of the outfits. We had to get the scoop on the Aquafina look since it left us completely taken aback! “The water was a quick look I put together in a couple of days,” Jada explained.

“I try not to read comments as much as I should, but when I do, I react to all nice ones and don’t allow the negative ones get me off track,” the fashionista said before we parted ways. “The advise I have for other content makers who might be reluctant to put themselves out there is that everyone has their own life to live,” Jada said, adding,

“The advice I have for other content producers who might be afraid to put themselves out there is that everyone has their own life to live.”

Don’t be scared to take chances, and it’s perfectly fine to stand out! Always check to see if the man in the mirror is having a good time!”

We’re excited to see what you’ll come up with next! Jada, you’ve got this!