Jared Leto, like Christian Nodal, will be willing to tattoo Belinda’s name on…

Jared Leto Will Be Ready To Tattoo Belinda’s Name Like Christian Nodal

Jared Leto, like Christian Nodal, will be willing to tattoo Belinda’s name on her body

Jared Leto, like Lupillo Rivera, Criss Angel, and Christian Nodal at the time, was astonished to learn that he would acquire tattoos in Belinda’s honor.

First Criss Angel, then Lupillo Rivera, and ultimately Christian Nodal, or at least the males who have tattoos in honor of Belinda, who have now been surprised by Jared Leto. Nodal has a tattoo of the singer’s name who was ready to marry him.

This happened during an interview Jared gave to Golden Scorpion’s YouTube channel, which wasn’t just interested in asking him questions regarding Leto’s role in “Morbius.”

“Do you have tattoo balls with ‘Belinda’ engraved on them?” Jared, who plays Golden Scorpion, asked Alex Montiel, who plays with his style. “In the neck?” answered the singer of Thirty Seconds to Mars.

on the face, the neck, the chest, and the chest. You should know that our friend Belinda has added a golden scorpion to her collection. Leto, of course, has ensured it.

For a long time, artists have been pals. Belinda’s fans were shocked to learn that she was a member of Jared Leto’s circle of trust a few years ago. One of the people who featured in the actor’s Instagram directing while his incarceration was the Latin music singer.

The two explained that they knew one another genuinely, not only through social media, and that they remained close during the conversation. They never said how or where they met for the first time.

“Of course, I’m familiar with her,” Jared replied swiftly. He went on to say, “You’re talking about a highly talented singer and actress.”

If you look at her Instagram photos, you can see that Belinda had already erased Christian Nodal’s initials from her ankle when they were still together.

On the other hand, Christian was quite explicit about where her focus on Belinda ended: he covered the singer’s name, which was near her ear, with the Poker Deck emblem, which was quickly confirmed by her trusted tattoo artist.