Judge’s ruling against Colorado’s Amendment 71 is sound

Judge’s ruling against Colorado’s Amendment 71 is sound

“A federal choose has blocked elements of Modification 71 — ‘Elevate the Bar’ — saying it violates ‘one individual, one vote,’” March 27 information story.

I learn with curiosity the article about Decide William J. Martinez’s ruling that Modification 71 as written is unconstitutional as a result of it violates the precept of “one individual, one vote.” His reasoning is that as a result of there may be extensive disparity within the variety of registered voters in Senate districts, there may be additionally disparity within the requirement to acquire signatures from 2 p.c of the registered voters in every Senate district. I discover this reasoning to be eminently comprehensible  and defensible. Alternatively, I discover the statements of Karen Roberts, supervisor of the Modification 71 marketing campaign, to be complicated and indefensible. She suggests Decide Martinez deployed “tortured logic” and that his ruling is “wildly off the mark.” I’m dismayed that the supervisor of Modification 71 (the goals of which I assist) wouldn’t acknowledge the plain constitutional soundness of the ruling.

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