Karol G Reveals She Turned Down A Role In Aquaman 2

Columbian singer and songwriter Karol G is currently one of the most popular musicians in the industry, but the artist recently disclosed that she was offered a chance to be more than simply a musician, which she declined.

According to a recent interview, Karol was approached about joining the cast of the upcoming DCEU film, Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, but she declined, claiming not wanting to overlook her music career at the time as the reason.

Karol G claims that taking on a project of that magnitude would have necessitated her total and undivided attention, which she just cannot provide right now because she is focusing on her music career. Karol revealed her explanation to Molusco TV in the following words:

“They offered me a part in the Aquaman film, a really amazing part, but the commitment was so big that it worried me.” First and foremost, I had to stop making music for eight months. It is the most significant aspect of my existence. That’s why I had to decline the part. ”

Karol went on to say:

“I will be eternally thankful since I have always wanted to play the bad guy in a movie, but priorities must be set,” he says.

Karol is correct in assuming that the job would be demanding, given that Aquaman is the most recognizable brand in the DCEU right now, with the first film grossing over a billion dollars at the box office. But maybe that was all the more motivation to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Karol G seemed to be of a different mind.

However, this would not have been Karol’s first attempt at acting. Karol has acted in the drama Griselda. In the show, she portrays a drug mule.

While accepting Aquaman would have allowed Karol to work with Jason Momoa, she hasn’t been short of notable co-stars, as she is accompanied in Griselda by Sofia Vergara.