Kevin Hunter, Wendy Williams’ ex-husband, Talks About Their Divorce

Wendy Williams’ Ex-husband Kevin Hunter Addresses Their Divorce

Wendy Williams’ ex-husband is speaking out about their divorce. Take a look at what Kevin Hunter has to say on the subject.

‘On Tuesday, Wendy Williams’ ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, decided to go live and discuss his divorce from the talk show veteran, alleged blood transfusions, and a lawsuit against Debmar-Mercury,’ according to The Shade Room.

Hunter took the time to honor Wendy Williams and her accomplishments while sitting outside of an unnamed place, according to TSR.

‘When it comes to whatever narratives that might be spun out there–regarding me, my entire family–first and foremost, I want to say I sincerely value everything I was able to experience with my ex-wife and what we were able to accomplish,’ Hunter added.

Hunter also spoke briefly about his affair with Sharina Hudson, which resulted in a child and ultimately terminated his marriage to Wendy Williams, according to TSR.

‘When it comes to my personal life, which the world has seen in real time, I accept full responsibility for my conduct and recognize how I may have harmed her.’ Hunter remarked.

“Unknown location,” someone said. Shaderoom is sitting outside his and his girlfriend’s house, as you all know. ‘We don’t want to hear anything from him.’

This may have been averted if he had taken responsibility before her illness,’ wrote one commentator.

‘He’s talking way too much!!!’ complained another fan. Allow Wendy to share her tale.’

‘Chile,’ said one admirer. For me, it’s the Sun Going Up And Down In The Back… What was the duration of this video?’

‘My thing is why is he talkin like they’re pals or even care!’ remarked someone else. ‘I’m sure there’s money behind this as well.’

Wendy has a lot of supporters these days, and they make sure to send her all of their love. During the difficult things she has been through, her fans have been extremely essential to her.