Kim Kardashian’s advice on success and work ethic, according to Jameela Jamil…

Jameela Jamil Says “nobody Needs” Kim Kardashian’s Advice On Success And Work Ethic

Kim Kardashian’s advice on success and work ethic, according to Jameela Jamil, is “needless.”

Chile! The Kardashian sisters prompted one of their harshest detractors to speak out on Wednesday. The prominent family unit became viral early in the day after footage from a ‘Variety’ interview went viral on social media.

In the video, Kim and Khloé offer business advice to women, while Kourtney agrees on a few issues. Kim claimed to have the best advice after Khloé spoke, stating, “Get your f**king a** up and work.” “Just take the money, put it to good use, and chill the f**k out when lecturing people about grind and hustle,” Jameela advised the sisters.

Jameela takes to Twitter to air her grievances.

Jameela launched her rant on Twitter, in response to a now-deleted tweet.

“She grew up on the mean streets of Beverly Hills with extremely wealthy parents and stepparents. A GENUINE GRIND. It was a source of inspiration. “A photoshop icon,” commented the ‘The Good Place star, referring to Kim.

Jameela followed up five minutes later with a comment to Variety’s tweet about the Kardashian cover article.

“I think nobody needs to hear your ideas on success/work ethic if you grew up in Beverly Hills with highly rich parents in what was simply a smaller mansion,” Jameela tweeted. “This same 24-hour-a-day nonsense is a nightmare. 99.9% of the world’s population grew up with a VERY different 24-hour period.”

The actress from ‘The Good Place’ has a history of speaking out against the Kardashian family, particularly their advertising methods. She previously chastised Kim for promoting hunger suppressant lollipops and waist trainers, according to ‘Bustle.’ Jameela has also chastised Khloé for promoting meal replacement smoothies.

On Instagram, the Criticism Continues

Jameela came to Instagram to break down her ideas after voicing some of her feelings on Twitter. She praised the Kardashians, calling them “a tremendously outstanding family of businesswomen,” before pointing out that their commentary was based on privilege.

“Not the day following International Women’s Day… They are a highly outstanding family of businesswomen who are the result of a fantastically good start and a great manager in their mother, as well as their own hard work and personal sacrifices,” Jameela wrote on Instagram.

“Plus a lot of retouching and a determination not to care about deceiving people about their beauty claims while never exposing how much covert work goes into their appearances… from which they gain the majority of their money.” And a colossal sum of money from dubious diet/detox items and corsets.”

The Kardashians “shouldn’t be asked about their secret to success,” according to the actress. Jameela also believes that those who read their work do not “hold themselves to the standards of people who were raised by wealthy.”

Her final phrase in the caption went right down to business.

“Just accept the money, put it to good use, and stop lecturing others about hustle and grind.” Jameela wrote, “And learn how to brag without knocking those down who have less.”

Jameela Defines Criticism Boundaries

Jameela later imposed certain boundaries on the types of insults directed at Kim in her Instagram Story.


We’re not going to bring up her sex tape, though. That’s not right, and it’s not even close to being fair. Please don’t bring it up in my direct messages,” Jameela wrote.

She also made it clear that the issue isn’t limited to Kim. In actuality, she claims that the general issue is “the media allowing/ encouraging celebrities who grew up wealthy to provide counsel” to individuals who have fewer possibilities.

“It comes out as tone-deaf, snobby, and patronizing every time somebody uses it,” Jameela wrote. “All we have to do now is stop everyone.” She isn’t the first to say such things, but she ought to be the last.”