Klay Thompson arrives for Warriors-Nuggets Game 2 in dramatic fashion

Golden State Warriors player Klay Thompson found a creative way to garner attention as he arrived for the game against the Denver Nuggets.

It’s always nice to see NBA players turn up to games in unusual and interesting ways. For many, it’s become a pregame custom to turn up in some slightly odd but equally fun apparel.

Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson has found a new technique to get everyone to pay attention to how he comes up with games.

All Thompson needed was a cool, sophisticated bike and the opportunity to ride such a bike indoors. Well, that’s assuming parking garages genuinely count as having an “indoor” space, that is.

For whatever reason, Thompson, instead of coming up in some huge sweater or some sort of crazy outfit, drew attention in an enjoyable and easy manner.

All he had to do was very smoothly handle the traffic in the parking garage, park his bike carefully, and then make it on to the stadium for the Warriors’ game versus the Denver Nuggets.

Klay Thompson comes up to the Golden State Warriors game by floating around on a bike

And hey, with gas prices the way they are, who can really blame Thompson for this new and practical means of enhancing his commute to cut back on some charges he would otherwise have to pay?

Cycling around to get to work is a terrific way to get some exercise, maybe attempt to get a little healthier, and work on saving some money in the process.

Bikes are definitely more fuel efficient than any car or truck ever could be. Clearly, this is all just evidence that NBA stars truly are just like you and me.