Kris Jenner worries about her finances. Kylie, who boasts about having…

Kris Jenner worries about her finances. Kylie, who boasts about having bought a private jet

If you believe that the Kardashians’ spending is utterly thoughtless, Kris Jenner contends that anything should be subject to limitations. One of the sources claimed, “Kylie spends so much that her mother had to step in and urge her to limit spending after she obtained a plane.”

When Kylie shared images of her $72 million private jet on social media this week, she was labeled an “environmental offender” and the incident followed. Travis Scott concluded the document by asking, “Do you want to accept mine or yours?”

A self-described ecologist who routinely contributes money to aid victims of wildfires and cyclones has come under fire and scorn for traveling 41 kilometers in 17 minutes on her private jet rather than driving the same distance in 39 minutes. She even took a 30-minute drive back to the Van Nuys Airport to ensure she would make her trip.

Kylie Jenner has come under fire for utilizing a Global Express plane after she accompanied her sister Kendall Jenner to supper on one in 2019. Additionally, the celebrity’s mother is reportedly indignant at the way her daughter continues to spend millions on her luxurious lifestyle.

“Kris exhorts her to be more responsible with her money and to make wiser financial decisions.” The insider said that Kylie operated her own business and behaved whenever she pleased once she turned 24.

At such a young age, the billionaire already owns at least five properties in California. Her primary property costs $12 million and has eight bedrooms and eleven bathrooms.

It’s close to where her mother and sisters, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, live in Hidden Hills. In April 2020, she invested $15 million in a nearby plot of vacant land in Hidden Hills, California, and hired Tom Brady’s architect, Richard Landry, to build a new home there.

Jenner plans to build a 12-car garage for his estate. The seven-bedroom mega-mansion in Bel Air cost her $36.5 million in April 2020 since she found this to be insufficient.