Loni Love Displays Her 37-Pound Weight Loss

Loni Love stunned her fans after only revealing her amazing weight loss transformation.

The comedienne, who lost 37 pounds, uploaded before and after images from previous projects in a Facebook post on September 8 to display how her physical characteristics changed over the period of four months.

Without mentioning how she lost the weight, Love said in the caption, “To date, I’m down 37 lbs (still a long way to go)… the top pic filmed April 2022.”

The image at the bottom was taken in August 2022 and will be broadcast on @mentoringqueens during the weekend. Search the local listings. Take your time, and make small changes. Your goals are achievable.

As they read the post, many of the 51-year-old follower’s commended her for dropping weight. One user congratulated Love and added that her upload encouraged them to keep going on their quest. You look fantastic. We are grateful for your drive.

You are stunning no matter what your weight is. Congratulations on your change, though. Although I am aware that losing weight might be challenging, you are doing fantastic. I’m grateful that you can motivate others, including me.

Good work. Despite the fact that you’ve always had great looks, I hope you also feel fantastic.

Loni, come on in! No matter what, we love you, but when you love the full you, we love you even more! We are here for you, so continue to be kind to yourself.

Keep up the great work. Fantastic work; a huge package weighing 37 pounds. We appreciate you and the excellent work you do.

Several users of social media pointed out how Love’s face stood out as a result of weight loss among the earlier comments.

“I can certainly tell,” one person observed, “especially in your face.” Keep up the great work. It is possible for you to do this. “Yeah, I saw it on your face, lady,” someone said. Strive for success at all times!