Martin’s Cast Reveals What Their Characters Would Be Doing Today

Did Martin Payne and Gina Waters Payne live happily ever after? Certainly, their actors believe so.

On E! News Daily Pop, Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell projected what their characters from the famous ’90s comedy would be doing in 2022.

“I’m having a lot of babies with Martin,” Campbell told Francesca Amiker of Daily Pop exclusively. “We’d have had a large family.” There are a lot of kids roaming around. “

The married pair left their pals in Detroit, including Cole Brown (Carl Anthony Payne II) and Pamela James (Tichina Arnold), for Los Angeles in the 1997 series finale.

“I would with my girlfriend Gina, and we’d be raising kids and trying to handle the business life and everything,” Campbell’s onscreen hubby (Lawrence) concurred.

Martin: The Reunion, which starts on June 16 on BET+, will definitely talk about what will happen to the remaining characters.

While the reunion’s host, Affion Crockett, teased a possible remake in the video, a revival without Thomas Mikal Ford, who played Thomas “Tommy” Strawn, wouldn’t be the same.

The special is in honor of the actor, who passed away in 2016. According to Lawrence, the special would pay a sincere tribute to Ford. “You’ll have to tune in and see,” he said. “It’s going to be something extraordinary.”

Arnold shared, “Filming the reunion was a memorable experience for me.” “We had no idea what we had back then.” We immediately walked onto the stage and started laughing. “

“It’s really a blessing to be a part of history and something that has had an impact on our culture,” Payne remarked. “Not only in our society, but in this industry as a whole,” says the author.

And, unlike some celebrities, the cast is unconcerned when fans approach them with show quotes or questions. “It proves to us that we did our jobs,” Arnold said, adding, “It means a lot to us.”