Mateusz Gamrot wins the technical battle over Arman Tsarukyan

Mateusz Gamrot defeats Arman Tsarukyan in the competitive main event at UFC Vegas 57 in a fight whose final results will be hotly debated.

Mateusz Gamrot defeated Arman Tsarukyan by a razor-thin decision in the main event of UFC Vegas 57.

Both fighters showed off their skills. Gamrot was very good at boxing and wrestling, and Tsarukyan landed some hard body shots throughout the fight.

After a brief struggle, Gamrot tried to get an early takedown, but Tsarukyan was able to break free. Tsarukyan scored a takedown after a right hand, but Gamrot was able to get back to his feet after a brief kneebar attempt — and then got to Tsarukyan’s back while on his feet.

Mateusz Gamrot wins a close fight against Arman Tsarukyan by controversial unanimous decision at UFC Vegas 57

Gamrot seemed to be boxing better in the first few rounds, but Tsarukyan kept being aggressive and seemed to win more exchanges with his powerful body kicks.

In the third round, Gamrot briefly took Tsarukyan to the ground, and when he swiftly rose to his feet, he continued to struggle with him. Gamrot temporarily stopped the fighting before reaching Tsarukyan’s back.

With around 90 seconds left in the third, Tsarukyan gained his freedom, and the two engaged in more precise, balanced striking.

In the fourth round, Gamrot scored a spectacular headshot, but Tsarukyan finished him off with a spinning backfist. Gamrot fought back and attempted a takedown as Tsarukyan leapt on him and attempted to hold him down.

In the fourth round, Tsarukyan delivered yet another powerful body kick, but Gamrot countered with a takedown and came dangerously close to putting an end to the fight with a rear-naked choke.

Tsarukyan kicked hard again to start the fifth round. Tsarukyan was knocked to the ground, but he swiftly and fiercely fought back to stand. Tsarukyan kept making strong attacks, but Gamrot maintained control of the situation by grappling.

Gamrot won the fight by a score of 48–47 from all three judges.