Megan Thee Stallion is being sued by 1501 Certified Entertainment for the…

1501 Certified Entertainment Sues Megan Thee Stallion Over Release Of ‘something For Thee Hotties’ Album, Claims She Owes The Label More Money

Megan Thee Stallion is being sued by 1501 Certified Entertainment for the release of her album “Something For Thee Hotties,” claiming she owes the label more money.

The fight is still going on! Megan Thee Stallion is being sued by Carl Crawford and his record label, 1501 Certified Entertainment, for her new album, “Something for Thee Hotties.”

According to TMZ, Carl maintains that the CD, which would have satisfied her contract, isn’t actually an “album” because it contains unreleased tracks. Megan’s case has been dismissed by 1501, which claims that the album contains no new content and that she owes the label further recordings and money.

Megan sued 1501 in February, claiming that the record met her contract requirements. The album is “made up of 21 recordings and contains spoken interlude tracks on which Megan does not appear, as well as numerous previously-released recordings,” according to the label’s documents.

Carl isn’t backing down, claiming Megan is well aware that any album she releases must contain at least 12 “new master recordings of studio performances” of previously unheard material.

Carl also requires final approval of the songs, which he claims did not occur with her most recent album. 1501 Certified Entertainment also wants the judge to rule that “Something for Thee Hotties” isn’t a legitimate album.

Carl also wants a breakdown of Megan’s earnings from partnerships, sponsorships, endorsements, and side gigs. According to reports, the H-Town Hottie is owed more than $1 million by the company.

Megan’s attorney, Brad Hancock, said in a statement on her behalf that “this is just another ludicrous attempt by 1501 to ignore Megan’s album and squeeze more money and more free work out of her for as long as possible.” We’ll seek the court to intervene and safeguard Megan from further harm. “

In a series of tweets, the TSU graduate smacked Carl back. It’s unknown when Megan’s lawsuit against Carl will be heard by a judge, but we’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available!