Momo, Yung Miami’s best friend, gets into an altercation with Kayla B., King…

Yung Miami’s Best Friend, Momo Gets Into An Altercation With King Von’s Sister, Kayla B

Momo, Yung Miami’s best friend, gets into an altercation with Kayla B., King Von’s sister.

Who wants to inhale smoke?! When it comes to battling, Kayla B knows what she’s talking about. The name of the late King Von’s sister was trending today after she got into a confrontation with Momo, Yung Miami’s best buddy.

It was impossible to go on social media without seeing someone discussing the brawl. Despite the fact that it’s unclear why the two women got into it, they took to Twitter to air their grievances.

Momo sent out a slew of tweets, making it plain that she didn’t care if she didn’t win her fight with Kayla. “I haven’t fought in ten years, b**ch, I don’t give a damn.” “Assault and battery bi**h,” Momo hinted at filing charges against Kayla in a tweet.

“I’m a princess,” she says. Kayla had something to say as well, putting an end to suspicions that the fight was over a man.

“I didn’t fight because of a ni**a!” For weeks, her and him being on finsta chatting s**t have been bothering me! They both tried to be amusing at my child’s football practice. She wrote, “I left that ni**a four months ago.

” Yung Miami has yet to respond to the battle, despite the fact that some people on the internet expected her to. JT, on the other hand, has. JT hit back at a Twitter user.

As the fight drew to a close, Momo had a few more words to say, this time on Instagram, stating unequivocally that she is unconcerned about losing the fight.

This isn’t Kayla’s first public brawl, as you may recall. She got into an altercation with rapper Cuban Doll last year. Roommates, leave a comment and tell us what you think about Kayla and Momo’s drama!