NHL’s Brendan Smith vs. Tom Wilson brawl reminiscent of UFC classic

Nhl’s Brendan Smith Vs. Tom Wilson Brawl Reminiscent Of Ufc Classic

Brendan Smith vs. Tom Wilson provided our weekly UFC fix… sort of.

The Carolina Hurricanes took care of business in an NHL game between the Washington Capitals and the Carolina Hurricanes, winning 6-1.

While this may appear to be a typical one-sided win in hockey, the game between the Capitals and the Hurricanes was overshadowed by a brawl between Brendan Smith and Tom Wilson in the third period.

The two hockey legends appear to have a grudge against one another, which was on full display with 10:41 remaining and the game well out of reach.

Not only did Smith not talk about Wilson’s skull fracture, but he also didn’t work on Wilson until he heard the referee say “go.”

The matchup between Brendan Smith and Tom Wilson reminded me of Diego Sanchez vs. Gilbert Melendez.

Smith and Wilson tried their hardest to imitate Diego Sanchez and Gilbert Melendez, a UFC fight from 2013.

Wilson grabbed Smith with the perfect punch that sent the Carolina fan favorite crashing to the ice, causing the Capitals to take a five-minute major penalty for, you guessed it, fighting, just like Sanchez and Melendez.

Wilson and Smith are a couple. Wilson pushed off of Smith, grabbed his head as if trying a guillotine, and knocked him unconscious. It was most likely one of numerous POTN bonuses, as well as a FOTN bonus.

Melendez and Sanchez went the distance in the UFC battle, with Melendez coming out on top.

Fighting does, in fact, take place outside of the ring or cage. Just look at the NHL teams.